Our Leads:

Dawg Stars leads are made from only the finest imported Kangaroo leather. Our leads are created to be strong yet flexible. The micro-braided nonstretchable core makes each one of our leads unusually flexible while maintaining strength. With this in mind they are not "break proof" and should be used with all reasonable care.

Leather Care:

Leads may be kept clean by wiping down with a soft, dry cloth after use. This helps get rid of dirt, sweat from hands and any water that may have gotten on your lead. Doing so will prolong the color and life. With regular use your lead will become soft and supple. A very light coating of your favorite leather conditioner every so often will also help keep your lead in good condition. Lexol is a good cleaner conditioner used on many museum quality leather pieces.

Bead Care:

All silver, copper and brass beads will tarnish - this is a normal occurrence and varies with frequency of use, weather and other conditions in your area. Wiping them down with a soft, gentle silver polishing cloth will make them shiny and good as new. The Sunshine Polishing cloth is one of best available. Please do not use polishing liquids or harsh abrasives as these may damage not only your beautiful beads but also the leather. Glass beads require little care beyond wiping them down with a soft cloth. Keeping anti-tarnish paper or cloth available from jewelers and home supply stores in the same bag with beaded leads will prevent tarnish once they are polished.